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Subject: Christmas is coming...remember the "Texaco Fire Chief"?

Written By: oneno on 10/06/05 at 7:31 am

Every year they would offer up a new one. What a marketing ploy, fill up your tank and pick up a last minute gift to boot! Man were they cool. Anybody else have in memories to share? ::)

Subject: Re: Christmas is coming...remember the "Texaco Fire Chief"?

Written By: hot_wax on 10/12/05 at 11:09 pm

Hi Oneno, I've ben watching your post for a few nights to see who besides me who remembers the "Texaco Fire Chief" and I guess we are the only ones at your party! although I never was given one for Christmas when I was a kid...I did have a Lionel train set on my 1957 10 page Christmas list and got them and still have some of the set today in the attic...NOT FOR SALE!!

I started to collect the Hess Oil Trucks a few years ago for my Grand kids. Maybe Hess Oil got the idea from the "Texaco Fire Chief" promotions. I don't have every year's addition, some of the first models are up there in price...maybe someday I'll pick them up for them who'll probably throw them out a window to see if they could bouce!

How about your Christmas lists when you were a kid, get anything outstanding besides the Chief ? do you remember all those Remco toy commercails in the 50's, can you remember any of the toys?

Hot Wax


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