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Subject: Mary Hopkin

Written By: star500 on 01/19/06 at 4:30 pm

Does anyone remember a singer from the late 1960's named Mary Hopkin? She sang "Goodbye", "Those Were The Days" and other songs. She was blonde, blue eyed (I think!) and pretty. She was British and I believe Paul McCartney signed her to Apple records when she first started out but I could be wrong about that. My mom loves her music and loves "Those Were The Days". She has the song on a 45 record but it is hard to find her CD. Does anyone know where to find any of her CDs? I can't order anything from Ebay because I dont have a credit card, so that is out :-\\ If anyone has any other idea on how to get one of her CDs let me know.

Subject: Re: Mary Hopkin

Written By: Gaylon on 01/19/06 at 5:25 pm

I really liked her version of "Que Sera, Sera"!

Subject: Re: Mary Hopkin

Written By: CatwomanofV on 01/19/06 at 7:02 pm

I love "Those Were the Days".


Subject: Re: Mary Hopkin

Written By: holicman on 01/19/06 at 7:23 pm

Same here, Those where the days is a classic tune, its very haunting.

The Video clip is cool too.

she had another song in the early 1907's called  (something starting with T) Harbour.

I only ever heard it once on radio, thats why i dont remember the name, but I love that song Goodbye.

Subject: Re: Mary Hopkin

Written By: schmartypantz on 01/21/06 at 10:45 pm

Mary was very cool. does she still sing I wonder.
Star: you need a credit card. sheesh.  ;)

Subject: Re: Mary Hopkin

Written By: Paul on 03/31/06 at 6:09 am

She represented  Britain in the 1970 Eurovision song contest with 'Knock knock who's there', and finished 2nd to Dana from Ireland, who's 'All kind's of Everything' later went to #1 in England. (I liked both those songs).

'Knock Knock' was a song she hated from the outset...she claims she was 'forced' to record and perform it by her management and she has rarely (if ever) sung it since, claiming it killed her career stone dead!

P.S. Apart from the Dolly Parton collaboration, (which I didn't know about) another interesting (surpising!) discovery was that Mary  was a backing vocalist to David Bowie on his 1977 single 'Sound & Vision' (a good song it is too!).

The connection there is Bowie's producer, Tony Visconti, who Mary was married to at the time...

As for obtaining her stuff...well, Apple are very 'protective' of their back catalogue and hardly anything ever sees the light of day on standard compilations...

That's not to say it isn't available...but you may have to search around and pay 'top dollar'...

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