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Subject: Stoo Hample: "The Silly Book," and "The Silly Record"

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 02/12/06 at 2:25 pm

Stuart "Stoo" Hample is a cartoonist, nonsense poet, satirist, musician and all-around silly soul who is apparently alive and well and livng in New York City.
In 1961 he published his best known tome, The Silly Book.  To my surprise it is stil in print.  My mom just bought a copy as a present for my niece.  Oh...the memories!  Now, what we cannot find anywhere is it's vinyl follow-up, "The Silly Record."
"The Silly Record" is one of those long-lost childhood relics we all seem to have.  Along with the records my parents had for us kids, among the Captain Kangaroo, the H.R. Puffenstuff, the "Peter and the Wolf," the Folkways Songs and Chants, was this oddity called "The Silly Record."  It is long out of print and I have never seen a copy anywhere.  It was based on the texts by Stoo Hample with orchestration and conducting by Frank Buxton (not the character actor).  That's about all I know.

Hample's "silly" work strikes anyone over the age of ten as asinine.  That is, unless one is able to detect the sophisticated mechanics of poetic absurdity, the schizophrenic Mother Goose of it all!
I recommend Hample to any fan of Edward Lear, John Cage, Gary Larson, William Steig, Emo Phillips, Monty Python, Jules Feiffer, or Harry Partch!
As the glorious knight of silliness, the late Graham Chapman would say, "Silly, silly, too silly!"

Anyway, if any of you have a copy of "The Silly Record" or know where I can find one, please let me know.  We would all be tickled pink to hear it again!

Subject: Re: Stoo Hample: "The Silly Book," and "The Silly Record"

Written By: Jay on 08/20/09 at 7:41 am

Did you ever find anyone with the record?  I can still remember: "Cheese Please Louise, Thank you berry berry much, you're welly-welly-welly welcome!"

Subject: Re: Stoo Hample: "The Silly Book," and "The Silly Record"

Written By: tom on 06/13/10 at 11:23 am

I remember the silly record as well.At the time it was something that took our imagination to enjoy it. I thought someone in our family has it,I'll find out when I go back home to visit and go thru my moms albums that she still has.One part I remember was that he would be talking and would have us look behind us for the little creature that has a brillo mustache and would also say "sob,sob,sob,sob,sob,sob............sooooooob."

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