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Subject: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1966

Written By: AH3RD on 01/12/07 at 5:56 am

"Hi Diddle Riddle" (prod. #6028-Pt. 1) first aired @ 7:30p.m. EST on ABC as the premiere episode of Batman, a thrilling new 30-minute action series based upon the characters created by Bob Kane appearing in Batman and Detective Comics Magazine published by National Periodical Publications, Inc., starring Adam West and Burt Ward and executive-produced/narrated by William Dozier.
First appearance of the late Frank Gorshin as The Riddler.
It was based on "Remarkable Ruse of The Riddler" from Batman #171 (May 1965), written by Gardner Fox; in it, The Riddler, jealous of the attention Batman is giving The Mole Hill Mob, arranges a trap so Batman will apprehend the gang and give The Riddler The Caped Crusader's undivided attention. Aunt Harriet Cooper (Madge Blake) was written into the series to counter the rumors that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were gay. The series producers felt that a female aunt would "round out" Wayne Manor.   
The series would add a feature film version released by 20th Century-Fox in July 1966, and would air on ABC for 2 1/2 seasons and 120 shows until March 14, 1968. It has maintained a huge cult status in the rerun circuit ever since. 
Holy Longevity, Batman! Your popularity in TV reruns'll exist beyond the end of time!

Celebrating 41 Years Of The BATMAN Television Series

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