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Subject: The Monkees

Written By: Mushroom on 05/08/07 at 8:42 pm

Well, I was inspired by the movie Head to make a Monkees quiz, and it seems like this is a group that simply demands conversation.  And since it is kinda turning into a conversation (and not a quiz) topic, I thought I would try and re-route some of it over here.

And yes, I came out of the closet many years ago about my love for The Monkees.  Their style was unique, and soon became their own.  And they were not just a bunch of actors playing parts.  They all had singing and musical talents that they brought in with them.

In fact, among the people auditioned were Stephen Stills and Paul Williams.  And they were accepted in the recording industry as well.  Some of the musicians that played for The Monkees were members of such groups as The Byrds, The Association, and Neil Young.

Michael Nesmith was already a respected song writer even before he joined the group.  He had written numerous songs, for groups like the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Frankie Lane.  His most famous song however was Different Drum, which he wrote for Stone Poneys (with Linda Ronstadt).

Subject: Re: The Monkees

Written By: danootaandme on 05/15/07 at 5:52 am

I never was, and probably never will be a Monkees fan.  At the time, the way they were put together made me cringe, and now I see it as a forerunner of the Menudo and American Idol.  Not that people in these genres don't have talent, but it just for some reason goes against the grain.  The only song I liked by them was Daydream Believer, but after I heard the song sung by the guy who wrote it, John Stewart(not that John Stewart-this one is a country western singer) I dropped the Monkees version like a stone, I can listen to Stewarts version a hundred times over.  Mike Naismith was/is a talented songwriter and I couldn't understand why he took the job, he was from a wealthy family and didn't need the money.  In time, I believe, he wondered the same thing.  He had some very nice songs, Different Drum, and Joanne.  But I believe nostalgia is the fuel to the fire on this band.

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