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Subject: "George Of The Jungle" cartoon remake

Written By: woops on 01/22/08 at 11:12 pm

Don't think I've ever seen the original cartoon, though seen it's image in Weird Al's "Like A Surgeon" video.

Only familiar with the bad movie and the new cartoon version, which is equally bad, featuring a redesigned George.

What does anybody think of the original cartoon and it's other incarnations.

Atleast the new cartoon doesn't have the characters as babies, futuristic super heroes, or in CGI.

Then again, I can't really say much since I'm not familiar with the original

Subject: Re: "George Of The Jungle" cartoon remake

Written By: saver on 01/23/08 at 1:01 am

Just looked up the latest version of 2007.....don't put a lot of faith in it, IT IS CANADIAN MADE.....

I recall many of their past attempts of animated shows which needed better acting in it and found the talent pool must be pretty shallow there...
one cartoon I remember watching from there, listed the talent, then  the next season, it lookedlike the voical talent were then listing roles as producer and casting..

America has talented voice people, but the company must have wanted the tax breaks and cheaper fees paid to talent...

Also, if no one has brought it up yet...America has big 'boobed' women, why did they have to recruit Pamela Anderson -and cowboys...Lorne Green before that!


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