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Subject: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: woops on 12/11/09 at 12:35 pm

Top 101 Looney Tunes...

Most of these are based on nostalgia from television & video tapes, personal favorites, and even a few I've never seen until some years ago that I've enjoyed.

Any omissions (though there's still many  that didn't make the cut!), or any shorts that should've been ranked higher/lower, or shouldn't be on the list?

Featuring public domain cartoons, clips (from Warner Bros. Home video official YouTube), and images.

101. "Home Tweet Home" 1950

Sylvester trying to get Tweety at a park and comes across a woman reading a book and a bulldog.

100. "Tree For Two" 1952

Spike & Chester cartoon with Spike going after  Sylvester...without knowing it's a panther.

99. "Elmer's Candid Camera" 1940

Early Elmer Fudd tries to take pictures of wildlife and encounters a rabbit...  a prototype of Bugs Bunny!  

98.  "Hollywood Steps Out" 1941

A nightclub featuring many famous movie stars of the early '40's from Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Groucho Marx, etc. While it might seem that only vintage live action film buffs would enjoy, it's actually still a funny short. (plus, some are still known to the average person)

97.  "Rabbit's Kin"  1952

Bugs Bunny faces Pete Puma. Known for famous "How many lumps do you want?" gag.

96. "Wild Wife" 1954

'50's cartoon featuring the daily routine of a house wife that features some funny gags like the husband accidentally kissing the mail man and a hydrant replacing the parking meter while she's getting her hair done.

95. "The High & The Flighty" 1956

Salesman Daffy meets  Foghorn Leghorn & the Barnyard Dawg. Probably a rare cartoon that shows the dog & Foghorn working together to outsmart Daffy.

94. "Daffy Duck & The Dinosaur" 1939

1939 cartoon with Daffy (when he was actually daffy) outsmarting Casper Caveman with a painted image of himself on a boulder and a giant inflatable duck

93. "Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt" 1941

Friz Freleng's's first Bugs Bunny cartoon that he directed with Bugs being hunted by  Hiawatha, a native american from the fable. Also first to use the "hot tub gag". Nominated for an Academy Award in 1942.

92. "Canned Feud" 1951

Sylvester is left behind  with only canned food and tries to get a can opener from a mouse. (Oddly,  he didn't bother catching it

91. "Henpecked Duck" 1941

Mrs. Daffy Duck wants to divorce Daffy after he lost the egg, which he was doing  a magic act while he was supposed to be looking after it.

90. "Porky's Railroad" 1937

30's cartoon with conductor  Porky racing against a the "Silverfish", a streamlined train.

89. "The Impatient Patient" 1942

Daffy Duck tries to get rid of the hic-ups and meets with Dr. Jerkyl... who happens to turns into a monster.

88. "Transylvania 65-000" 1963

Bugs Bunny takes on Count Bloodcount with magic words, which he picked from reading a book and also uses them when singing.

87. "The Wise Quacking Duck" 1943

Mr. Meek wants a duck dinner for his wife, which he tries to get Daffy. One of the most gruesome gags: Daffy tucks his head and pretends to be beheaded.

86. "Hop, Look, & Listen" 1948

Debut cartoon of Hippity Hopper, which is a baby kangaroo that Sylvester mistakes for a mouse. A bull dog questions his fears and wants him to catch the "mouse".

85. "The Hep Cat 1942
An alley cat falls for a female cat puppet, which is actually controlled by Rose Bud... a dog.

84. "Jeepers Creepers" 1939

Cop Porky Pig go investigate a haunted house and gets heckled by a ghost. Known for gag with frogs in shoes.

83. "Ducking The Devil" 1957

An escaped tasmanian devil is on the loose and Daffy tries to capture him for reward money,  and tries to  sooths Taz with music so he can be calm.

82. "Slick Hare" 1947

At a Hollywood restuarant, Elmer Fudd tries to get Humphrery Bogart's order... rabbit

81. "Dog Pounded" 1954

Slyvester tries to capture Tweety, but he's surrounded by bulldogs in the yard. There's a suprise cameo at the end when Sylvester disguises himself as a skunk!

80. "Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips" 1944

WWII era cartoon with Bugs Bunny against Japanese soldiers. Though now considered politically incorrect by today's standards, there's many good gags from the exploding ice cream to Bugs tying the end of the plane with a rope.

79. "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs 1943

Another banned cartoon that's a Jazz tribute with fast paced animation and a catchy score. Bob Clampett was actually a fan of jazz/big band music and most of the voices were actually from African American entertainers like Vivian Dandridge. Despite of the unfortunate caricatures, the lead character So White is one of the most attractive cartoon characters ever.

78. "My Favorite Duck" 1942

Daffy interrupts Porky's picnic, which he makes Porky go underwater (which he think he's not) and Porky decides to hunt him when it turns out to be duck season. The signs are a bit of a prototype of later cartoons.

77. "The Trial of Mr. Wolf" 1941

In a court setting, the Wolf tells his side of the story, which Red Reding Hood & Grandma are actually after his fur.

76. "Lumber Jerks" 1955

Mac n Tosh, the Goofy Gophers, tries to save their tree, which  winds up at a factory. Not sure if intended, but it's also  a good environmental message without being preachy (though done in a cartoony manner).

75. "A Pest In A House" 1947

Hotel manager Elmer Fudd s sends bellhop Daffy to take a irritable man's luggage. Daffy ends up annoying the man, but he actually ends up punching Elmer.

74. "Speedy Gonzales" 1955

1955 Oscar winning short with Sylvester gaurding a cheese factory and Speedy trying to get cheese for his fellow mice.

73. "Ding Dog Daddy" 1942

A dopey dog (voiced by Pinto Colvig...also did Goofy) falls for a metal statue of a female dog. The statue ends up being used for scrap metal (for weapons & vehicles in WWII) and tries to get her back.

72. "Wild About Hurry" 1959

Coyote vs. Road Runner, known for the ending gag where Wile E. Coyote goes inside of a metal ball, but winds up going through the tracks. waterfall. etc.

71. "Mississppi Hare" 1949

Bugs vs. Coloniel Shuffle at a riverboat.

70. "Holiday For Drumsticks" 1949

Daffy saves the turkey from being Thanksgiving dinner by having him exercise while Daffy gets all the corn for himself. But the hillbilly family decide to have duck dinner instead.

69. "I Haven't Got A Hat" 1935

Porky Pig's debut. Oirginally supposed to be a parody of the "Our Gang" shorts with Beans Cat, Porky stole the show with him reciting the "Ride of Paul Revere". The other scenes are also good like Beens the cat ruining Oliver Owl's piano recital.

68. "Windblown Hare" 1949

The three pigs sells Bugs thier houses, but Bugs ends up meeting with the wolf. After heckling the wolf (with a Red Riding Hood role play), the Bugs relizes that he's after the pigs and decides to help the wolf to get revenge on the pigs.

67. "Hare Splitter" 1948

Bugs & Casbah fights over Daisy Lou, which  Bugs dresses as Daisy Lou.

66. "I Got Plenty of Mutton" 1944

A hungry wolf decides to steal sheep, but it's being gaurded by a large ram. The ram ends up falling for the wolf when he's dressed as a sheep. The Frank Taashlin directed cartoon is like a forerunner of the Sam Sheepdog & Pepe Le Pew cartoons from Chuck Jones.

65. "Odor Of The Day" 1948

1948 Arthur Davis directed cartoon with a skunk (who looks like Pepe, but debatable) fighting over a bed with a dog in a cabin during the winter

64. "Ballot Box Bunny" 1951

Bugs & Yosemite Sam competes against each for mayor.

63. "Hollywood Daffy" 1946

Daffy tries to pass the sercurity gaurd at a Hollywood studios lot (disguised as notable celebs from the era & even as the Academy Award) and ends up being chased.

62. "Often An Orphan" 1948

Charlie Dog wants farmer Porky to adopt him after being rejected and Porky tries to get rid of the annoying hound.

61. "Much Ado About Nutting" 1953

A squirrel finds a coconut and tries to open it with various methods from a jackhammer to throwing it from a building.

60. "Mouse Menace" 1946

Porky tries to rid of a mouse by hiring cats and a mountain lion with no avail until it meets it's match... a robotic cat.

59. "Thumb Fun" 1952

Hitch hiker Daffy gets a ride from Porky and gets him in trouble with the long arm of the law...

58. "The Heckling Hare" 1941

Early Bugs Bunny cartoon with Bugs being hunted by a dog with notable for the end when both characters falls from a cliff, which the ending was editted before it was released in theatres due to the final line "Hold On To Your Hats" was considered 'risque at the time'.

57. "An Itch In Time" 1943

A dog tries to hold off scratching when a flea enters his body since Elmer Fudd would give him a bath if he does scratch

56. "Daffy Duck Slept Here" 1948

Porky has to shars a hotel room with obnoxious Daffy Duck when all the hotels are filled.

55. "Bashful Buzzard" 1945

Beaky Buzzard has to hunt something for supper and meets a lizard (only seeing his head) until he realizes it's a dragon.

54. "Drip Along Daffy" 1951

Cowboy Daffy challenges Nasty Canasta in a western themes cartoon, which they challenge each other with a drink at the bar (with  hilarious results with Daffy & Porky) and show down

53. "Haredevil Hare" 1948

Debut of Marvin the Marvin, which Bugs is sent to the moon and discovers that Marvin is plotting to blow up Earth with a Uranium PU-36 (or a stick of dynamite), which he tries to stop.
52. "Don't Give Up The Sheep" 1953

Debut of Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog, which Sam is looking after the sheep on his shift and Ralph tries to steal them... until the Sam stops him without notice. Ralph dresses as a Pan, releases a wildcat, and also a gag involving cutting branches.

51. "Zip N' Snort" 1961

Wile. E. Coyote vs. Road Runner short. Noticeable with the Coyote using grease to catch the Roadrunner until he ends up on the train tracks.

Subject: Re: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: woops on 12/11/09 at 12:46 pm

50. "Mouse Wreckers" 1949

Hubie & Bertie manipulates with Claude Cat's mind. Noticeable for the mice putting the furniture on the ceiling...making Claude thinks he's upside down.

49. "Crowing Pains" 1947

Henrey Hawk can't decides who's a chicken from Foghorn Leghorn, Barnyard Dawg, and Sylvester.

48. "Daffy Doodles" 1946

Officer Porky tries to sto Daffy from putting mustaches on  pictures (and people).

Robert McKimson's directorial debut.

47. "A Gruesome Twosome" 1945

A female cat tells two cats to get a bird... which turns out to be the sadistic Tweety in this early catyoon directed by Bob Clampett.

46. "Pied Piper of Guadalupe" 1961

Sylvester captures mice by using a flute like the Pied Piper and meets against Speedy Gonzales.

45. "Daffy the Commando" 1943

WWII cartoon with Daffy going against a Nazi buzzard. Also  known for the ending with Daffy smacking Hitler's head with a mallet.

44. "Operation: Rabbit" 1952

Bugs Bunny against self proclaimed genius Wile. E. Coyote in a battle of wits, which the Coyote uses a pressure cooker and  bomb that uses radar.

43. "Swooner Crooner" 1944

Farmer Porky's chickens leaves his egg plant for a Frank Sintra rooster and and tries to win them back buy a rooster caricature of Bing Crosby. Which the chickens lay more eggs when their hear the crooning roosters.

42."Tick Tock Tuckered" 1944

Daffy & Porky tries to sleep at night so they won't be late to work on the next day and have to put-up with  leaking water to the shining moon.

41. "Pigs In A Polka" 1943

Three Pigs story set to music from Braham's "Hungarian Dances".

40. "Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid" 1942

Beaky Buzzard attempts to catch Bugs for dinner. Known for ending when Bugs falls into a hole with a skeleton being shown in front of him.

39. "Scent-imental Over You" 1946

A chihuahua gets fur (without knowing it's of a skunk) to get attention, but winds up getting Pepe Le Pew's attention.

38. "Rhapsody Rabbit" 1946

Bugs Bunny recites Lsizt's "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2", but gets interrupted by a mouse. There's controversy with the cartoon since it was made in the same time as MGM's "The Cat Concerto" (Tom & Jerry). Though both have the same plot and music, both were nominated for an Academy Award. Though the Tom & Jerry short won.

37. "Ali Baba Bunny" 1957

Bugs & Daffy accidently winds up in Bagdad and Daffy shows off his greed when he notices treasure and faces Hassan... Hassan Chop!

36. "Hyde & Go Tweet" 1960

Sylvester tries to capture Tweety in Dr. Hyde's office... but ends up getting chased by the monster... which Tweety accidently falls into a potion.

35. "Tobasco Road" 1957

Speedy Gonzales saves two intoxicated mice from an alley cat.

34. "Sahara Hare" 1955

Bugs against Riff Raff Sam in the Middle East, which he ends up by accident. Also known for a funny cameo from Daffy at the end.

33. "Jumpin' Jupiter" 1955

Porky & Sylvester camps out in the desert and gets abducted by bird-like aliens, which firightens Sylvester and Porky (being unaware trying to get some sleep.

32. "Draftee Daffy" 1945

Daffy tries to escape from the little man from the draft board

31. "Herr Meets Hare" 1945

Bugs vs. Hermann Goering in the Black Forest in Germany. Also notes the first time he made a wrong turn from Albuquerque

30. "A Wild Hare" 1940

Debut of Bugs Bunny and also first to feature Elmer's "Be Vewwy, Vewwy Quiet..." and Bugs' "What Up Doc"" catch phrases. Nominated for an Academy Award. Directed by Tex Avery.

29. "Louvre, Come Back To Me!" 1962

Pepe Le Pew chases Penelope (cat with painted stripe) into the well known art museum in France. Also features Pepe being confronted by a jealous cat... who pretty much tries to hold his breath.

28. "Baby Bottleneck" 1946

During the baby boom after WWII, Daffy & Porky works at a baby delivering company which includes great visual gags involving a conveyor belt and Porky forcing Daffy  to sit on the egg.

27. "Walky Talky Hawky" 1946

Foghorn Leghorn's debut cartoon, which he was originally a supporting character since it starred Henrey Chicken Hawk...but the loud mouthed rooster stole the show.

26. "Punch Trunk" 1953

A tiny elephant is on the loose and people gets freaked out whenever they see the tiny pachyderm.

25. "Porky's Duck Hunt" 1937

Debut of Daffy Duck, which Porky goes out hunting with hisdog  and meets no ordinary duck...

24. "Bully For Bugs" 1953

Perhaps one of the best bullfighting cartoons ever made. Included several memorable scenes like the Mexican hat dance bit.

23. "Fast & Furry-ous" 1949

Debut of Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner. Originally was intended to be a one shot, but was proven to be popular with audiences. Features the Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner with a crossing sign, a Superman costume, and the painted tunnel.

22. "Porky Pig's Feat" 1943

Porky & Daffy  are trapped in a hotel since they haven't payed their bill and try to escape. Also noted for the cameo of a certain wabbit at the end and also the only national theatrical cartoon he's shown in black & white.

21. "I Love To Singa" 1936

After Owl Jolson's classically trained parents disapproves him for singing, he runs off to a local radio talent show (think "Gong Show" & "American Idol").  Basically a cartoon (and PC) version of "The Jazz Singer".

20. "The Scarlet Pumpernickle" 1950

Daffy  pitches  his script for a swash buckling adventure filled with various cameos like Slyvester (as the villian), Henery Hawk, Elmer Fudd, and Melissa Duck.

19. "Hair Raising Hare" 1946
A mad scientest (caricature of Peter Lorre) lures Bugs into his castle with an attractive rabbit fembot  and have him meet Gossamer (its debut appearance).

18. "A Corny Concerto" 1943

A parody of "Fantasia" with Elmer Fudd as the conductor and two segmants set to classical music such as "Tales of the Vienna Woods" with Porky hunting Bugs and "The Blue Danube"  with a baby duck that looks a lot like Daffy being rejected by swans...until he saves them from a buzzard.

17. "Kitty Kornered" 1946

After Porky kicks his cats  (including Sylvester) out of the house, the cats take revenge by dressing like martians.

16. "The Big Snooze"  1946

Final cartoon to be directed by Bob Clampett with Bugs entering Elmer Fudd's dream with nightmarish, surreal, and hilarious images.

15. "What's Opera Doc?" 1957

Ranked #1 by animation historians among 50 cartoons, it's features  a parody of Wagarian operas put into 7 minutes.

14. "A Tale of Two Kitties" 1942

Babbit & Catsello (caricatures of Abbot & Costello) goes after a bird that turns out to be Tweety in his debut cartoon. Unlike the later Friz Freleng cartoons with Sylvester, the early incarnation from Bob Clampett was more sadistic and had less feathers. While contain many referances to WWII from air raids to victory gardens, it contains funny scenes such as the "This Widdle Piggy" bit when Castello is holding on a clothes line.

13. "Little Red Riding Rabbit" 1944

An obnoxious Bobby Soxer Red  Riding Hood takes Bugs to her grandma's house (Ta Have!) and Bugs  heckles the wolf until the end...

12. "Three Little Bops" 1957

The big bad wolf tries to join the Three Pigs' band in this jazzy parody of the fairy tale.

11. "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century" 1953

Buck Rodgers parody wih Daffy searching for Planet X and comes across Marvin Martian. The cartoon have been known to be one of George Lucas' influences  for his "Star Wars" films.

10. "Plane Daffy" 1944

After Homer Pigeon (not the Lantz character) becomes victim to Hatta Mari, Daffy Duck is sent on mission.  One of the best WWII era Looney Tunes and probably close to the Private Snafu cartoons that were only shown for the troops that were too edgy for the homefront at the time.

9. "Bugs Bunny Rides Again" 1948

Western showdown with Bugs and Yosemite Sam with notable gags like the horse riding chase, the "crossing over this line" bit, and when Sam forces Bugs to dance.

8. "You Oughta Be In Pictures" 1940

Live action/animation crossover Daffy persuades to Porky Pig leave the Leon Schlesinger studios  (to get top billing) and Porky ventures to other  studios until he decides  to go back.

7. "One Froggy Evening" 1955

A contruction worker finds a frog that actually can sing ("The Michigan Rag") and tries to make money off of it, but croaks like a regular frog when viewed by other people.

6. "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" 1946

Daffy Duck imagines himself as dectective Duck Twacy and in search in criminals at an old house with wacky, surreal imagery. (ie when he's surrounded by villians and the chase scene)

5. "Scaredy Cat" 1948

Porky & Sylvester moves into a creepy house inhabited by sadistic mice that Porky's unware of until the end.

4. "Rabbit Seasoning" 1952

Second of the hunter trilogy with Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer. Includes scene with Bugs dresses as a voluptuous female hunter.

3. "Porky In Wackyland" 1938

Porky tries to search for the last of the dodo  in a very surreal place in Africa

2. "Duck Amuck" 1953

Daffy gets heckled by an unseen animator (a certain wabbit) who constantly changes scenery (which starts off as a swashbuckling picture), angles, and even his design that he looks like something from  Dr. Suess.

1. "Rabbit Of Seville" 1950

Parody of  "Barber of Seville" featuring Elmer Fudd & Bugs that starts off as an average cartoon chase until they appear on stage.

Subject: Re: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: wildcard on 12/11/09 at 4:06 pm

I remember every one of these cartoons.  I had to watch the Pigs in Polka one.  It so close to the Disney drawings.

Subject: Re: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: nicole1977 on 12/11/09 at 4:44 pm

I remember almost every cartoon that's on that list!  I'm a huge Looney Tunes.  I have a WHOOOOOLE lot of Looney Tunes collections that I burn off of the internet, and I put it on my DVD and save it as a collective item.  These cartoons are classic, and it will never be forgotten!

Subject: Re: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: Davester on 12/13/09 at 5:52 pm

  I don't understand these "Top XXX" lists.  Is it a random list or are they in order of preference?  I mean can you elaborate on why #46 is higher (or lower) on your list than #72?  Making comparisons like this seems like we're pissing into the wind...


Subject: Re: 101 Classic Looney Tunes cartoons

Written By: woops on 12/13/09 at 6:12 pm

It's just out of fun and also not saying it's the definitive list. Just favorites. Also I can't put things into words (though I'm pretty much boring) and pictures tends to speak for themselves.

The Top 20 is mostly WB cartoons  (out of 17) from the "50 Greatest" list that was ranked from animation buffs in 1994 rearranged with selected cartoons added.

I've decided to create a list since there was a blog featuring somebody's favorite Looney Tunes shorts and the upcoming book from animation historian Jerry Beck of the 100 greatest Looney Tunes.

The cartoons aren't ranked in any particular order and wasn't an easy task to put together. And yes, there's many that could've been listed...but had to leave out many...

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