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Subject: Culture of 1913: More like 1911 or 1915?

Written By: Philip Eno on 07/07/15 at 3:58 am

1913 is one of the most distinctive years of the 1910s like 1916. The year is considered by most people a transitional one. This one is a tough one because 1911 is the peak early 1910s year while 1915 is the peak mid 1910s year.

Politics: Pretty much like 1911. This would be the last full year to have some sort of peace and calm. 1914 was the first year to had a major division in the political world. Plus, there was no war in 1913.

Technology/Newspapers: Basic, just basic, black and white print.

Fashion: The full length skirts that covered the legs was already established in 1913 while 1911 was when the aesthetic first started to appear. 1915 was the peak of the cloth cap fashion.

Music: This category is the toughest one because there was still a decent amount of music hall songs in the first half of 1913. The dance band music of 1913 is closer to 1911 due to their heavy brass sections. There was already a bunch of imported stuff in 1913 that first started to be on the charts in 1911 and continued it's popularity up to 1915. The impact of royalties did have it's effect on plenty of songs in 1915. The Charleston-flavored songs also continued its sound in 1915.

It's really complicated on what era 1913 belongs to. It seems that the year has elements of both early and mid 1910s .

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