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Subject: When did the “Jetsons era” end?

Written By: 90s Guy on 02/23/22 at 1:08 pm

By which I mean

The futurism of the late 50-60s

The Google look to architecture and design

Tail fins

The nuclear family emphasis

The blue collar Dad (George Jefferson, Fred Flintstone) as a (somewhat bumbling) hero, as opposed to a villain in All in the Family

Worshipping the blue collar family

The Tiki influence on not only fads but architecture and design in North America

Subject: Re: When did the “Jetsons era” end?

Written By: Voiceofthe70s on 02/23/22 at 2:38 pm

It ended in 1969-ish. What your are describing is very specifically known as "mid-century".  I mention it all the time here but always say "mid-20th century" so people know what I'm talking about. "Mid-century" was the "space age", the "atomic age", etc. etc. The often culturally inaccurate "tiki" culture came along with this, as it had been brought back to the US from World War II soldiers who had spent time in the South Pacific and had a romance for such artifacts and atmosphere. There were no end of merchants happy to oblige. I LOVE "googie" (also known as "mid-century modern") architecture myself (it's stronghold was the west coast, particularly the Anaheim region) but by the early 70s it was considered passé and ugly, and people clamored for it to be torn down. Pity. Now they try to save what's left of it and have the buildings declared historic.

As for the nuclear family/blue collar thing (and I suspect you have a typo there and you mean "George Jetson", not "George Jefferson) that was (since you are using television references) definitely 1970-71 with the famed CBS "rural purge" where, as Pat Buttram, who played "Mr. Haney" on "Green Acres" famously said "it's the year CBS cancelled everything with a tree in it". Cancelled shows included "Beverly Hillbillies", "Green Acres" and  "Mayberry R.F.D", in favor of more sophisticated fare like "All In the Family" with it's anti-hero Archie Bunker, and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", with successful single working girl Mary Richards.

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