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Subject: Found more media references

Written By: ChuckyG on 09/06/06 at 10:02 pm

I was waiting for some CDs to burn tonight, so I tried by public library's newspaper search function, as well as some new google archive news search thing (which mostly turns up pay services that want $7 for a single article).

here's the latest (old) stuff I found:

Telegram & Gazette: May 1, 2000. Entire article about two of my sites, worcestermass and amiright. Titled, "Scuse Us While We Kiss This Guy \ Warchester Finds A Home At Garbled-Words Web Site" by local newspaper legend Jim Dempsey. This is only one of a handful of times I've been interviewed about my site. Most articles are written without input from me.  I knew about this one, but forgot the article also covered amiright, and was the first article I know of to do so.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, December 8, 2000. Passing reference, never seen the entire article:...pining away until the March 9 concert, check out the most misunderstood Hall and Oates lyrics at

The Washington Times. February 26, 2001. In an article entitled "Some ants are blowing where giraffes are stored" by Jennifer Harper. One of a couple sites mentioned.

The Advocate, October 14, 2001. Article titled: "Mondegreens chronicled in books and Web sites" , Three of those sites can be found at:, and ...

Sarasota Herald Tribune, two articles!
June 10, 2002. Article titled: "A case of mistaken identity" by David Grimes. It starts off about revealing who Deep Throat was and then begins talking about the whole Paul is Dead thing from the late 60s, and then moves into misheard lyrics. A lot about this site


August 17, 2003. Article titled: "Waiting is the hardest thing to do." by David Grimes. A lot of stuff from this site is used from the answering machine section.

America's Intelligence Wire, February 26, 2003. Review of the site. "Web site confirm if you've been singing wrong lyrics to songs." by Meg Lawson.

The West Australian. Janurary 26, 2005. Full article? I've only seen this in a citations database and I was too cheap to pay for it. , when it comes to certain songs, thousands of people around the world make the same mistakes. Since 1996, the website has logged more than ...

Revolution. May 6, 2005. Brief mention in article  "Terminator 2 - The perfect bird waits for you at MailOrderChick. (marketing of Christian Aid Mission)"  Christian Aid tells us one of the chicks, Jill, is a close friend of Elton John. Which reminds us, go to misheard lyrics web site, where someone has been singing not 'Hey Nikita, is it cold?' but 'chicken tikka, is it coal?'.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service) August 2, 2005. POP TOP, "I blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pot pie." No, no, no. This site lists many misheard Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

I guess that "not notable" flag a few months back in wikipedia stirred me into keeping up the media spotting.  I was happy to find a few articles from 2003.  Now if only I had access to a Lexis database search, I could probably find a few more.

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