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Subject: Enough With The Fitu-Bashing

Written By: Red Ant on 01/28/07 at 10:24 am

It has been brought to my attention that Fitu Petaia has had several rather nasty comments directed at him, rather than his works. So, for the last hour, I'd had the "pleasure" of reading through junk like this:

"Fitu says he doesn't write any more parodies; he's a liar. I've seen some from him since he wrote that comment. Does "FITU" stand for "f**kin' idiot that's ugly"?"

That comment, along with a dozen or so others of a similar nature, are gone now. Attack parodies are not allowed, and neither are attack comments. If someone wrote a parody with that quoted line included, it would be rejected. Saying that to another messagboard member would probably get you a warning. Doing it multiple times, like was done to Fitu, and your account would probably go bye-bye.

...there were two comments much worse than that one, so awful that I didn't repost them.

If the anonymouse commentors, or anyone else, feel the need to tear apart a parody's content, then by all means do so, but it's completely unnecessary to go into the realm of slamming the author of the work.

Subject: Re: Enough With The Fitu-Bashing

Written By: skittlesking on 01/28/07 at 8:20 pm

Seconds opinion. . .while I don't care for Fitu's Parodies, he is often just trying and treating him like absolute garbage is wrong. . .he is a human being for goodness sake, and hate is unhealthy. . .

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