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Subject: Thinking about a redesign for amIright - suggestions?

Written By: ChuckyG on 08/05/09 at 2:40 pm

I've been holding off on adding new sections to the site for two reasons, 1) lack of free time and 2) nowhere to add them in the current navigation scheme.

Number one is becoming less of an issue now that my house is mostly complete.

Number two however requires a redesign of how navigation elements are handled.  I'll probably change the layout of the site (and the front page) as I move forward.

I think instead of the drop downs, I will just have the five main sections listed at the top as tabs, which when clicked bring up the current section pages, with the news/events removed from those sections (just have that on the front page)

The current funny music news/events needs some thought.  It's not clear to people that they should start a topic on inthe00s for the funny music news, and the events section appears to be virtually unused now.  I was hoping to find more humorous music news items, and maybe there's not enough for it to be it's own section.

Subject: Re: Thinking about a redesign for amIright - suggestions?

Written By: DJ Blaze on 11/27/09 at 7:24 pm

Not really sure how a redesigning could work... new sections would be cool... but ChuckyG, I sent a PM asking if I could become a Site Editor on AmIRight. You should read it if you haven't.

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