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Subject: Ban repeat comment-violators?

Written By: Tommy Turtle on 01/25/10 at 9:02 pm

An anonymous (as usual) commenter made a personal and obscene attack on another author at one of my *own* songs a few days ago. The comment was reported and promptly deleted. (Thank you, Editors  :)  ) Today the same person (obvious, from the comment) came back with another attack on that other author. I reported it, but apparently, it was already reported by someone else, according to the message.

It seems that if one comment is considered grounds for deletion, coming back the next day and doing the same thing, especially at the same song, should be grounds for banning, no? --- since the warning inherent in deleting a comment wasn't heeded.

Not that it matters, but I'd like to emphasize that the song in question was totally my own, signed only by me, and the product of only my own mind, such as it is. Which makes involving another author even more inappropriate.

I'd also like to add that I *personally* rarely, if ever, report for deletion comments attacking myself. I figure the comments speak for themselves, and if you want to show the world how crude you are, fine. Any such deletions were usually reported by someone else. However, when the attack is on another writer who had nothing to do with the parody in question, and is a friend, a sometimes-co-author, and a lady besides -- and a lady much too refined to post so sharp a retort as I might, should I be so inclined, then yes, I'll be assertive in demanding respect for that person, and that comments be limited to the song in question, as they should, rather than be direct attacks on that person. Thank you.

If banning is not appropriate, could you publish the author's name, if the IP is recognized? Or just PM or email the IP to me, and I'll report it to that ISP's abuse department. Thank you all for keeping the parody comments on topic.

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