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Subject: Bin Laden Parody Title Switches, Yours For The Taking!

Written By: Tommy Turtle on 05/02/11 at 1:25 am

Got the good news very late TurtleTime, and preliminarily only, at that. TT's policy has always been: Do it right, or don't do it. TT doesn't have the time to do it, so have at 'em. Those using the switches may credit this writer or not, as they see fit -- probably won't get a chance to see them posted anyway -- but if you use any of the suggested *lines*, acknowledgment is common courtesy. :)

Another TT policy: Do 'em while they're hot! (stop snickering!  ;D ), so they should be posted ASAP. Go for it!

"Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead" (Wizard of Oz)
"Ring Gong: Bin Laden's Dead"
For those appreciating a challenge, as this writer does:

"Supercali...." Julie Andrews
"Super CIA And SEAL Teams 'Neutralize' Bin Laden"

1st verse:

Super CIA and SEAL teams 'neutralize' Bin Laden
Searched the world around and found the ground that he was troddin'
Made a grave from 'Sama's cave, the one he hid his bod' in
Joyous, we, in Land of Free: They fin'lly brought this clod in!
Another toughie (kudos to any good version):

The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
End: Dreck of Osama Bin Laden  or
The Neck  (ditto above) or
Revenge For Attacks: 9/11
Don't think I'd care to tackle this one, even if the time were there:

American Pie
Al-Qaeda's Guy, Fry or
Osama: Dead. Lie
A John A. Barry Exclusive, please:

I Put A Spell On You
Osama: Hell For You
Only for fellow obsessive word-manglers (would be hard to carry all the way through)

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Juicy News: Bad Guy, His Crime Ends
Lots of possibilities -- many writers could do this short and easy one:

Maria - (West Side Story)
Osama  -- Run with that!
Good idea, but a tough OS:

Oklahoma! - Rogers & Hammerstein
Got Osama!
Many switches could be done on this one, but just a sample or two:

Strangers In The Night -- Frank Sinatra
End Osama's Flight
        "          Fight
Changed: Osama's Plight
Do You Believe In Magic - Lovin' Spoonful
Still Believe In Jihad?
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?
Finally Solved The Problem Of Osama
Well, I guess if this went on much longer, I could have written one myself by now. (Really, this took only about ten minutes.) Another busy week coming, though, and it's Bedtime for Bonzo, so....  Cheers, all!

p. s. Might not be the right place to post, but "Parody Lyrics" didn't seem right, as these were suggestions, not questions. Also, time-sensitive, and would probably be seen sooner here than anywhere else. Humble apologies if misplaced -- feel free to move.

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