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Subject: "Dollar-sign bug" -- found another old parody that got bitten

Written By: Tommy Turtle on 08/15/12 at 8:35 pm

Regarding this thread from Jan. 2011, this parody, "Econ 101 Turtle: TT" has eight instances of the dollar signs and digits after them, up to the next comma, disappearing. The bug was fixed back then  for all new submissions (escaping out the $, IIRC), and all affected existing parodies were retro-fixed -- I thought. The one linked above didn't get a lot of traffic after the usual initial response, so I didn't notice the missing $XX until a recent comment brought me there, sorry.

Attached is the corrected source code, copied/pasted from yours at that page, with the $ and digits added. Hope it's just a 30-second copy/paste replacement, for everything between your

<div class="songParodyLyrics"> and the closing </div> tag.

If this can be done at your convenience, many thanks!

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