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Subject: Random Content Name Generator

Written By: WarrenBaker on 01/20/14 at 8:43 pm

It's come to most people's attention, at least the ones who read the comments in the parody section, that new names keep popping up in the comment section. Names that have never, ever appeared, and are of questionable parentage. For those of you who would like to generate their own nom de plume, here are some simple guidelines.

You can either go silly or normal. For the silly:

1. Go for a name that contradicts the name of the song being commented on. For instance, if the song picks on conservatives and you're a conservative, use something that says "Anti Libtard" or "Glenn Beckham." And if it's a liberal jibe, say something like "Righteous Ass" or "Ayn Rand Was a Cabbage."

2. Make up something that sounds like Latin. It gives you street cred. With Latin people. For instance, "Insipidis Moronicus" or "Lactobacillus Acidophilus," or "Yogurt."

3. Make an obscure reference that no one gets except your boyfriend, girlfriend, or pet stuffed marsupial. Some examples are "The Archangel Antoine," "Tony on a Bicycle," or "Drunk on a Pier in Charleston SC, Hey Baybay."

4. Be malicious and indelicate like "Your Mama," "Pacing Police," "I Hate You, I Hate You, I Hate You," and "Oh Yeah? But What Am I?"

Or you can go with normal.

1. Locate a friend on Facebook and use their name.

2. Find the name of someone you don't know, change the last name to someone you do know, and then switch the first name to someone's last name that your dad knows.

3. Open the phonebook, find someone who can read and write, then have that person write down a name of a freind in the comment section on a song you dislike. Then take a course in English and try to write something cohesive.

4. Use Siri.

I hope this has been helpful and not terribly dramatic.

Subject: Re: Random Content Name Generator

Written By: philbo on 01/24/14 at 4:10 am

;D ;D

I was very tempted to change my forum display name just to reply to this (or use a guest account with something silly), but I didn't have quite enough motivation.

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