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Subject: Two suggestions

Written By: randallhyde on 08/29/02 at 10:04 a.m.

I've been cranking out "Parodeities" for about two
years now and I keep checking back to find Christian
parodies on AmIRight.  Once in a while a few come
through, but they seem out of place in the normal
categories because most such parodies aren't intended
to be funny, but rather, tell a Bible story.  The humor,
very esoteric, exists solely in the metre of the lyrics
and the rhyming scheme.  Considering there are about
a dozen Christian bands that perform these things
(including one, ApologetiX ,
whose last two CD's have made it onto the CCM
charts), I'm surprised there isn't more interest in
this genre around here.  Of course, one problem I'd
have posting my parodies here is that I'd be
uncomfortable having lyrics I've written to praise
God intermixed with lyrics that make fun of the
Bible or are outright blasphemous;  so I can understand
a reluctance to get involved with these types of
parodies.  Still, an appropriate area on AmIRight
that separated the parodies some why to avoid
problems would be really cool.

Second suggestion: at
http://www.amiright.com/misheard/links/Parodies.shtmlyou mention Nancy Mari's ReVersed lyrics site as
a source of Christian Parodies.  This site has been
gone for well over a year.  If you (or anyone reading
this) knows what happened to this site, or has contact
information for Nancy Mari, I'd love to get a hold of
her.  In the meantime, you might consider changing
this link to my site:
http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/Page_Christian/index.htmlwhere I've put up over 150 Christian parodies.
Randy Hyde