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Subject: The Max Payne Series

Written By: Crash_Freak on 12/13/07 at 6:06 am

Anyone play Max Payne (1 and 2)?

I love the first game and the 2nd is a good sequel, but tries to be too much like a movie. However, Max Payn1 is more creepy due to some situations in the game.

Subject: Re: The Max Payne Series

Written By: Brian06 on 12/13/07 at 4:49 pm

I played the first one awhile ago.

Subject: Re: The Max Payne Series

Written By: agoraphobicwhacko on 12/25/07 at 10:03 pm

These games are very underrated. The whole pulpy and comic book feel to Max Payne is unlike any other game ever made. The major downside to these games and a reason they do not get much respect or any demand for a new one is because they are so easy. The game play isn't hard at all, and making it even easier is the fact you can save at anytime you want throughout the game. Even the hard setting lets you save too many times. Since dying just means you start off from the point you just died, the games play like movies, and both games can literally be beaten in the time it takes to watch a movie. This didn't sit too well with parents(or kids) who just paid 50 bucks for these(or rented them) and a couple hours later the kids need another game to play.

The Max Payne series has ZERO replay value whatsoever. Once you have beat the game, you never have any desire to play it again. Bad mistake by Rock Star Games. This could have been a cool little franchise for them, but they were obviously so caught up in the GTA craze that little attention was given to getting Max Payne properly made and then launched.

I wouldn't mind a third game in the series, but I seriously doubt that one ever gets made.

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