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Subject: i'd like to buy a video game. (vista compatibility issues)

Written By: Tia on 04/06/08 at 2:14 pm

as you all know, i'm a pretty liberal, sensitive, all-around peace-lovin' lover-not-a-fighter type guy. that's why when i buy a video game, i like to get a game where i get to play opposite day -- you know, bomb the bejesus out of france for hating freedom, chase down and tase protesting hippies, that kind of thing. so i was checking out a friend's "grand theft auto" last night and thought it was pretty funny, but it turns out there's a hard time getting it to work on vista. i was wondering...

a. does anybody know of any fun games that run well on vista and take advantage of a powerful computer's processing abilities, and is still fun to play? (i'm sorta half-kidding about the bloodlust in my personal tastes, i mean sorta, i like those games but also the more peacenikky ones like simcity and whatnot) and

b. has anyone running vista ever decided to uninstall it and run XP? is that easy to do, or are there reasons why that's ill-advised on a computer running vista? i guess this second question is less specifically videogame-related but you know, tangential at least.

right now i'm looking at "monster truck jam." among its selling points...

Product Features

    * Experience extreme monster truck action
    * 20 of the biggest names in monster trucks
    * Destroy your environment
    * Multiplayer
    * Destroy your monster truck

Subject: Re: i'd like to buy a video game. (vista compatibility issues)

Written By: Bobby on 04/08/08 at 5:13 pm

I'm not too sure whether the importance is on Vista, Tia, as it is merely an operating tool. The important thing to check is the game's graphic card requirement. The higher the requirement, the better the graphics handling. I have a G Force 4 graphics card and, after five years, I am now ready to replace it to tackle bigger and better games.

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