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Subject: EA Sports vs 2K Sports

Written By: whistledog on 01/16/10 at 5:27 pm

As far back as 16 bit gaming, Electronic Arts was the leader in sports games, but with the next generation consoles, 2K Sports has proven to be a great rival, and as well, there are console specific titles by other companies, and as well, the Wii has the "All Play" series.  Do you have a particular in your sports games?

One series I really like is Major League Baseball 2K.  I never got a chance to play EA's Triple Play Series or the follow-up MVP series.  When EA lost the rights to MLB, the MVP series switched to NCAA teams, and due to low popularity, succumbed to 2K.  Sony also has their own brand called 'MLB: The Show' which to me, is far superior to the 2K series with only one flaw:  The loading times are super slow

For today's consoles, the only EA Sports titles I favour is the 'Madden NFL' series and the fantastic 'Fight Night' series.  On the PS3 version of 'Fight Night: Round 3', it has an exclusive where you can fight through the eyes of the boxer.  I was sketchy on it at first, mostly because I was not able to win a single match, but have since won a fair share of fights.  It's quite challenging, but it's probably the best fast paced (non stop action) boxing game I've played since the Arcade game 'Best Bout Boxing' in the mid 90s

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