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Subject: Atlas Horizons - A Nation Simulation Game

Written By: LordCharlie on 06/22/14 at 4:26 pm

Basically, I'm a coder whose started a new nation simulation game. It's still in alpha, so it's not near completion, but I'd say it'll turn out pretty well. I figured that at least a few people over here would be interested.

We have some cool things going for us such as..
Founding Cities
Automatic Budget Collection
A wide array of City Improvements
Choosing from 100+ different Cabinet Members, each with their own different political beliefs
Nation Elections (Unless you run a corrupt regime...)
Laws that are approved or denied by your Cabinet based on their views.
Free ruler portraits and a lot of other nation customization settings that I don't feel like listing.

We still have a long way to go, and I need some people with good ideas to help out.

You can sign up, or not. Doesn't really matter. But if you want to check it out, feel free to.

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