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Subject: Any Tomb Raider Fans Here?

Written By: ArcticFox on 02/10/15 at 9:34 am

Tomb Raider is my favorite gaming franchise. I played Underworld in late 2010, and bought the PS1 games on the PSN store right after I beat it. Playing the original was a spiritual experience, I had an epiphany of some sorts that inspired me to make video games. I loved it so much. The second and third games were awesome, and I'm currently playing the fourth one.

The Core Design video games are sooooo much better than the Crystal Dynamics ones! I don't care about the reboot at all. As a matter of fact, it just represents everything wrong with modern video games today. The old games prove that retro video games are better than modern video games. I don't like Uncharted. Played the first one, it sucked. Played the demo of the second one, still not good.

I think most video games these days get judged for the wrong reasons. Before it was all about gameplay. Developers were actually concerned about making good games, or they would be sleeping with the fishes. Now, people only talk about graphics, story, voice acting, all-star casts, and multiplayer. Um... I thought gameplay made a game, not everything else..

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