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Subject: best game over screens

Written By: Rosequartz2000 on 02/18/18 at 11:39 am

What were some of your favorite game over screens?
For me, it was "TOC-MAN WORLD" in Pac-Man World; back then I'd never heard of a game over screen where THE ENTIRE GAME got rennamed, so seeing that made my 10 year old self crack up on the floor. Eliza had no idea why it was so funny, but I did.
Another memorable screen was the second Crash Bandicoot where Cortex was just... staring at you, shifting between eyes, like "who is that kid sitting in front of the screen?" Unlike Pac-Man World above, this one actually made Eliza crack up, too.
And in the Sonic games with that dopey rendition of the main theme, while Sonic has the "oh crap" look on his face and slides down the screen. This is why I was fine with getting a game over in those. Sonic CD, however, made me angry - Robotnik was laughing at me for my failure JESUS CHRIST IT WAS MY FIRST SONIC GAME I PICKED UP THE CONTROLLER ON! I'M JUST LEARNING HOW TO DO A SUPER-PEEL OUT!
Majora's Mask with the Moon falling on everyone; this was my first time seeing a game over screen where the villain's goal was carried out, and it made me determined to beat the game. I'd met with a terrible fate, hadn't I?
And finally, the classic: "Snake! SNAAAKE!" Fun fact - when I first saw that screen when I was 9, I said audibly: "He's dead! So why're you screaming for him?"

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