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Subject: 1980's short film name ?

Written By: vsolrac on 09/19/09 at 3:20 pm

Back in the 1980's, HBO or Showtime would insert short films in between feature films. Sort of like filler so feature films could start at the half hour or hour.
I am looking for information on one of these short films. You feeling up to the challenge?

Sci-Fi related. It dealt with an earth like world where a person was born with a predetermined number of years to live. As I remember it, one's deeds during said life could either add or remove years. The main story dealt with one individual who had an opportunity to GIVE some of his "time" to someone else -a loved one. A parent, I think. This giving was a big deal -like, not easily done and requiring some sort of government approval.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank... a lot for any assistance. Believe it or not but this has been driving me crazy for years. The film really impacted me. Although, sadly, not enough to remember the film's name.  :-\\

Thanks again.

Subject: Re: 1980's short film name ?

Written By: Mushroom on 09/20/09 at 7:23 am

While I remember the shorts, I do not remember that one.

The one I remember most is a short called "Gravity".  It was a spoof of the 1950's-60's educational films, featuring an animated character named "Jiminy Gravity", who explained why we must conserve gravity.  Otherwise, it will all get used up.

And HBO even aired it with the infamous "Big Sister" scene.  Quite something for 1981!

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