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Subject: Topics for my Blog?

Written By: apollonia1986 on 11/13/11 at 7:33 pm

Hey Y'all!

I have a blog on blogspot, and I am literally stumped for ideas of things to write about. I mean there's only so much I can say about MJ and I refuse to give Conrad Murray a spot on my page by talking about the trial.

If anyone has any ideas of what I can write about next, please let me know. I don't want to be boring and lose the handful of readers I have. <-- My blog.

Subject: Re: Topics for my Blog?

Written By: wsmith4 on 12/19/11 at 9:15 am

I find that my blog has grown so much in popularity since I discussed the following topics.  Maybe you should give these a try:

1)  Why do mice have tails but not rats?
2)  How many colors in the rainbow are not gray?
3)  Germs are our friends.
4)  A comet can only come so close to the sun before it turns to chocolate milk.
5)  Spiders can make pretty pictures with their webs.  Here are a few examples:
6)  Michael Jackson never said he was a star.  Everybody else did.  Maybe he didn't want to be famous?  Leave him alone!
7)  October only comes after November in America.  Why?
8.)  If you turned the world upside down, Australia would be near Antarctica.
9)  Computers don't have monitors on Mars.
10)  Don't rush me!

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