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Subject: How do I post a poll?

Written By: Stompgal on 05/13/04 at 3:26 am

Dear Mod,

I have been trying to create a poll in my topics, but i don't know how. Please help.


Subject: Re: How do I post a poll?

Written By: Hairspray on 05/13/04 at 8:15 am

Hello Stompgal! :)

The technical instructions -

Starting a New Poll

A poll is basically started by clicking New Poll instead of New Topic. To post a poll it is necessary to fill out the Question field and at least two of the Option fields in addition to the Subject and Message fields required by a standard topic. Further options to configure how many choices the user may vote for, how long the poll should run and what conditions must be fulfilled for the results to be displayed should be self-explanatory.

* Note - To offer more than eight choices in a poll, simply post it with eight, click Modify Poll and add as many new choices as you need (three at a time).

My visuals -

At the top of every forum you'll see this set of tabs:

Pages: 2 3 ... 6 | Go Down Mark Topics as Read for this Board | Notify of replies | Start new topic | Post New Poll

Click on Post New Poll at the end of the set of tabs.

Everything else is a piece of cake thereafter; just fill-in the blanks.

If you should need further help, let me know. :)

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