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Subject: Feature request -- author total page hit summation

Written By: Tommy Turtle on 05/01/09 at 5:48 pm

(@ ChuckyG: Your diagnosis of the table-sort.js problem in our pm was correct -- works fine on a day when no song posted.)

Suggestion: On author home page, total the number of page hits (sum of "H" column) at the bottom. Sometimes old songs continue to get views, so this would be an interesting way for authors to track the "legs" (longevity) of their creations, in total.

I "think" this would be easy. You could probably copy the code from Open Office Spreadsheet (it's free and open-source), which has a very nice Σ function, e. g., to sum all of the entries in Column A, you just click the Σ and type (A1:A30) or however many entries. So what we want here is Σ (H1:Hn), where n = total # of songs (which is already on the AmIRight Authors page anyway, so the info is already there).  Or if not copied, should be a very small piece of .js to write.

Some might want to know the average (mean) # of hits, but while that's also probably easy to write code for, it's also easy to grab your pocket calculator (or the calculator built into Windows, Start > Run > calc > (enter), take the total hits as above and divide by total # of songs from the All Authors page.

Some might want the total, or especially the average, of ratings (Pacing, Funny, Total), but this writer couldn't care less. Anytime you don't "play it safe" i. e., if you take a political stand, satirize some public figure, group, organization, etc., or otherwise go outside the Politically Correct zone, you're going to get the Unabomber. IIRC, my first 25-30 posts here were consecutive 555s, then one day, mysteriously, a bunch of 111 or votes almost as low showed up. Chalked it off to envy or resentment -- again, couldn't care less. Besides, I take 111 as a compliment: you've successfully touched someone's nerve and pushed their buttons. Plus it increases the page views, which makes the song look even better.  ;D

Comments? Suggestions? Brickbats, rotten eggs, tomatoes?

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