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Subject: Staff help please

Written By: Dude111 on 12/02/18 at 10:44 pm

Im curious if someone on the staff here may be kind enough to try and help us??

Im a co-admin on another SMF site and we are being bombarded with spam... This last weeklend I deleted at least 50 new accts all with 1 spam poat each (Some had 2)

I cant figure out how to create a new member group AND HAVE ALL MEMBERS (zero posters) ON MODERATION IN THAT GROUP!!!!!!

Can Chuck or someone please help me?? (SMF is not as easy as VBB in this area.. On VBB I could easily do it..... I dont know how to do it on SMF)

Thank you

Subject: Re: Staff help please

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/03/18 at 12:25 pm

This is something Chucky will have to answer. It is above my paygrade.


Subject: Staff help please

Written By: Dude111 on 12/03/18 at 5:24 pm

Yes and I hope he will CAT,I dunno if he hates me or is mad at me,etc..... Im a reg member here and I always have loved this site so I hope he might say something....

Today I added a BAN rule anyone registering with a .RU email address is automatically blocked so we'll see if that slows them down.... (99% are registering with .ru addresses)

Subject: Staff help please

Written By: Dude111 on 12/04/18 at 10:01 am

I tell ya SMF really blows!!!!

Even with the block on *.RU it still let some .ru addresses register

So I just put new reg on admin approval until I can figure out how to block the addresses.....

Chuck when you read this please tell me how to do it... Your an admin here,you know how to do it.......

Its sad people have to spam and destroy a site......... I didnt realise just how bad spam was until I became a co-admin......

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