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Subject: N.E. Patriot Darryl Stingley dies at 55

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 04/06/07 at 8:46 am

After a courageous three-decade battle with paralysis, Stingley, star receiver for the N.E. Patriots died of pneumonia and other complications related to his condition.

Stingley was only 26 years old with a promising NFL career still ahead when he collided with the Oakland Raiders' Jack Tatum and broke his own neck during a 1978 game.

I don't follow sports very much, but if I'm not mistaken, Stingley's injuries caused professional football to disallow certain risky plays, such as "spearing."  I could have this wrong.

I put this in celebrities instead of sports because even I remember the story and the name Darryl Stingley from back when it happened.

Stingley did regain partial use of his right limb and was able to control his electric wheelchair on his own. 

I hope he's in a better place now.

Subject: Re: N.E. Patriot Darryl Stingley dies at 55

Written By: danootaandme on 04/07/07 at 7:19 am

I stuck it in Sports Zone and was surprised at the lack of reply.  The incident with Tatum was horrific.  It is counted as one of the worst moments in pro sports history.  Hopefully, these days, Tatum would be brought up on charges for what he did, he was known to brag that he intentionally tried to hurt opposing players.  Stingley went on to prove that he was a gentleman, Tatum went on to prove that he wasn't. 

RIP Mr. Stingley  :\'(

Subject: Re: N.E. Patriot Darryl Stingley dies at 55

Written By: RTynanDDS on 05/01/07 at 1:26 pm

Tatum's hit on Stingley truly was one of the most horrific moments in sports, but probably shouldn't be viewed much differently than Lawrence Taylor's hit on Joe Theismann, or even Pete Rose plowing through Ray Fosse in the All-Star Game. It was simply a sobering example of how dangerous the game can be. Granted, the result is more tragic, but Tatum was vilified because of who he was and how he responded later, not because of the hit itself. There was nothing out of line about the hit. There wasn't even a penalty called. These days there would be a "helmet-to-helmet contact" penalty called which would cost the Raiders 15 yards, and the NFL would review it later in the week, and maybe fine him. But charges? No.

By the way, I met Darryl Stingley in the mid-90s at the Rehab Institute in Chicago. He had recurrent appointments there, but he also came in to meet with, and counsel, young athletes who had spinal cord injuries. He was an extremely nice man with a really positive attitude, and when I met him I really was starstruck. He was such an indelible image from my childhood. It was great to meet him and see that his life had continued in such a positive way.

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