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Subject: I guess Edward Furlong wins...because.....

Written By: saver on 01/15/08 at 7:04 pm

In the 80's we watched teen idols 'The Corey's' make their mistakes and get in trouble with the law and personal demons.

In  the 90's it was Edward Furlong and Brad Renfro, both idols of the younger set....Furlong busted for drunk driving twice in about 30 minutes, Renfro,busted for drugs.
Next scene, Furlong busted for letting lobsters loose in a supermarket(guffaw), Renfro, arrested for trying to steal a boat that stayed tied to a dock(guffaw).

Back in forth as if it played out as a contest....well 2008...BRAD RENFRO FOUND DEAD.   RIP :\'(

(Fortunate enough to meet and talk with him once and glad for that opportunity..hoped I'd get to see him after that, but that too has passed.)   

No word yet on cause of death,he apparently was found in his L.A. home...will he be sharing a room with River Phoenix and Jonathan Brandis dying with their own hands or will his passing be found to be a  medical condition ala Heather O'Rourke ? Another story of young talent leaving us too soon.

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