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Subject: Dex Osama Gunned Down at Detroit Strip Club

Written By: LyricBoy on 09/07/15 at 10:53 am

Legendary Detroit-area rapper Dex Osama is reported to have been gunned down at the Crazy Horse strip club in Detroit MI.  Apparently there was some sort of ruckus over a woman at 2:00 AM.  It is not known at this time if alcohol was involved or not.  :-\\  I can tell you, though, those Detroit (and Windsor) strip clubs can get wild.

Dex was preparing to enter a new phase of his career, having just signed a new contract with Meek Mill.

Dex leaned towards the gangster rap genre, with lyrics on his hit "Choppa" (lyrics below somewhat redacted) letting the world know that he and his squad were not to be taken lightly:

"(N-words) talking choppas yeah we got plenty
We the reason why it's teddy bears around the city
Call Ray Ray tell Day Day bring them choppas out
We about to slide through his block and knock his power out
Young dog think he wild cause he a dread head
I cock back and leave his dreads on his man's leg
Where I'm from lil' (n-word) it's a dirty game
I pledge allegiance to this choppa b@atch its murder gang
B#@ch where I'm from (n-word) sh$t real
And play if you want to (n-word) and get killed
(N-word)s know that we some m#@&*f@#$in' cowboys
If it ain't the glocka its the choppa ha wild boy
(N-word) its a dirty game
And play if you want to, banged out yo frame
Put the beam on the choppa put the fun in it
Know this choppa go zero to a hundred (n-word) in one minute
B@#tch lets talk bodies
Pull up to party and smoke everybody"

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