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Subject: Legendary Australian Rock singer Stevie Wright passes

Written By: holicman on 12/28/15 at 1:45 am

He sung for Australian Band the Easybeats in the 60's.
Had a solo career after singing the epic australian song Evie parts 1,2 and 3.

He battled drugs and alcahol all his life and the last 20 years had been suffering Ill health due to his additiction and dependancy of certain substances.

He died overnight at the age of 68.

Songs of his are in the article if you have a read you can view the songs him and his bands were famous for.

RIP stevie Wright

Subject: Re: Legendary Australian Rock singer Stevie Wright passes

Written By: gibbo on 12/28/15 at 3:30 am

RIP Stevie Wright.

Friday On My Mind was a world wide hit (when he was with The Easybeats). The hit 'Evie parts 1,2 & 3' went for 11+ minutes and was played in full on Aussie radio. It went to number 1 and then they only played the different parts of the song (as stand alone songs). They could do this a each part was different (e.g. part1 is about him singing about how great it will be when they are together ... Part 2 is about how great it is now that they are together ... and Part 3 is how distraught he is after Evie dies in childbirth).

It was a Harry Vanda and Georg Young composition (they were in the Easybeats with Stevie) with Malcolm Young (of later ACDC fame) providing the rhythm guitar riffs.

Evie was one of the most iconic of Aussie 70's hits. I still can't believe they used to play the entire song on radio...

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