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Subject: Doomsday Finally Arrives for Aum Shinrikyo

Written By: LyricBoy on 07/06/18 at 7:51 pm

Seven members of the legendary Japanese doomsday cult, Aum Shinrikyo, were executed in a group hanging today for their role in a 1995 sarin gas attack on a Japanese subway.

Members Shoko Asahara, Yoshihiro Inoue, Tomomitsu Niimi, Tomosawa Nakagama, Kiyohide Hayakawa, Seiichi Endo, and Manama Tsuchiya were all turned into Japanese wind chimes for their heinous crime, which resulted in the deaths of 13 Japanese citizens.

Another six members who have been sentenced to death still await their executions as soon as the Japanese authorities can find more rope.

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