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Subject: End of an Era: Carmine Persico Sleeps With the Fishes

Written By: LyricBoy on 03/08/19 at 5:33 am

Legendary New York mobster and longtime boss of the Columbo Crime Family, Carmine Persico, has passed away at the age of 85. He was residing at the Butner Federal Penitentary. A co-worker of mine did a stint at Butner.  I need to ask him if he knew The Boss.

He was 36 years into a 100-year sentence :o he received during the mid 1980’s for crimes as diverse as murder and racketeering. And we’re not talking tennis here, folks.

Carmine started his career as a solo worker, and at the young age of 17 beat a murder rap after killing some dude in a street brawl. The Outfit took notice of young Carmine (later nicknamed “Junior” by his friends and “The Snake” by his adversaries) and he moved up the ranks quickly. Amongst his colleagues were “Crazy Joe” Gallo and Joe’s brother Albert, known on the streets as Kid Blast. It was this crew that was generally recognized as the one that rubbed out mob boss Albert Anastasia back in the day.  :-X

Carmine was one of the last of the old time gangsters. He subscribed to the family’s oath of Omerta and never informed on his colleagues to save his own hide. He might murder you, but he’d never rat you out.

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