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Subject: Mohammed Morsi Dead

Written By: LyricBoy on 06/17/19 at 5:42 pm

Short time president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, passed away today whilst on trial. In the courtroom. He was 67.

Darling of the so-called “Arab Spring” movement, he was a big hitter in the oft-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization. During his short presidency, he was steering the country towards Islamic rule. The Egyptian military said “enough” and kicked him out of office.

Arab Spring of course has gone down in history as a folly, and demonstrated the utter inanity and juvenile thought processes of US foreign policy leaders of the time, including the late John McCain who was cheering on the anarchy. Rebels in Syria who were Islamists were cheered on in a battle that they could not win, and even if they had won, Syria would have devolved into Islamic tyranny and enemy of the USA. Russia and Iran intervened and it’s a good thing that they did.

Libya was attacked in an inexplicable move to oust Muammar el-Qaddafi, who at the time was working WITH the USA to fight the Islamic terrorists (an associate of mine was boots-on-the-ground to attest to that). The result was to turn Libya into a anarchist state and destabilized nearby Mali.

Fortunately the responsible powers in Egypt put their foot down and ended the Islamic nonsense in their country, at least so far. Morsi was neutralized and, now, he ain’t coming back.

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