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Subject: They Live no more: Gary B. Kibbe, Carpenter cinematographer

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 03/14/20 at 4:14 pm

Gary B. Kibbe, a cinematographer perhaps best known for photographing most of John Carpenter's post-Dean Cundey movies, starting with 1987's Prince of Darkness, has died. He was 79.

He began collaborating with Carpenter starting with 1981's Rick Rosenthal-directed Halloween II, and again with the Carpenter-directed Big Trouble in Little China (the director's last collaboration with longtime cinematographer Dean Cundey). The Kibbe era produced such films as Prince of Darkness, They Live, In the Mouth of Madness, the TV movie Body Bags, Village of the Damned, Escape from LA, Vampires, ad Ghosts of Mars.

Non-Carpenter credits include The Legend of the Lone Ranger (as a camera operator), Virtuosity, CSI, Sixteen Candles, The Crow: City of Angels, A Few Good Men, Double Dragon, and Robocop 3.

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