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Subject: Philosopher of Science, Adolf Grünbaum, dead at 95

Written By: xX07-GhostXx on 04/07/20 at 8:36 am

Born in Germany, right before the infamous Nazi regime came to power (or had the tact to hide their intentions... 1923, to be more exact), Grünbaum was born into a Jewish family, and therefore dealt with great oppression before he and his family had to emigrate.

He would go on to do battle against the Nazis, specifically under the American forces, one reason likely being that he was oppressed despite the fact that he never shared his family's religious beliefs.

After the war's end, he established himself as a philosopher of psychoanalysis and physics. He was a synapse-firing atheist, and his naturalistic philosophy would be noted in Jim Holt's book, Why Does the World Exist? It was years after reading the chapter devoted to his philosophy that I would become an atheist, but his explanations were some next-level amazement - and if I didn't read them, I would not know atheism was possible, therefore being able to be the atheist that I am today.

He died in 2018. I hope it was a peaceful death.

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