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Subject: Late Report: JoAnna Cameron Flies Away

Written By: LyricBoy on 02/07/22 at 4:41 am

Don’t know how we missed this. Legendary early superhero actress JoAnna Cameron, who portrayed the title role in The Secrets of Isis, passed away back in October after suffering a stroke.

Isis’s powers were awesome. When she put on her amulet, her clothes immediately morphed into her hot Isis gear. She had the ability to fly (with her arms by her side, unlike other airborne superheroes). From the Isis Wikipedia page…

Isis displays a vast array of superpowers, usually invoked through incantation of a rhyming couplet. For example, Isis can take flight by reciting "O zephyr winds which blow on high / Lift me now so I can fly". Among her many powers, she exhibits superhuman strength, command of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), and control of the weather. She can control the molecular density of her body and other matter, passing herself through walls, and in one instance, causing a car to pass unharmed through a road grader.

Subject: Re: Late Report: JoAnna Cameron Flies Away

Written By: LyricBoy on 02/08/22 at 4:37 am

After Isis, JoAnna worked as a nurse for 10 years.  8)

That would certainly have been nice, coming out of a coma and discovering that “Isis” was tending to you.  :P

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