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Subject: Under The Dome....Season 3

Written By: loki 13 on 08/09/15 at 12:28 pm

Is anyone still watching this. I am for two reasons; one is that nothing else is on at that time and two
is because it is like a trainwreck, you just can't avert your eyes.

I started watching this because I like Stephen King but this series is anything but what is in the book.

Here is what I think is wrong with Under The Dome:

1...It only airs in the summer. By the time a new season starts you have forgotten what has been going on
    or even that the show has been on. You have to refamiliarize yourself with the characters and their agendas.

2...The series itself is too far removed from the book. The only things the same are character and town names and
    the fact that there is a dome over the town.

3...The story seems to be going nowhere. Like the series "Lost" it seems the writers have no idea where to go with
    the plot. It is like they wrote the episode's script 1 hour before filming. Making most of it up as they go.

4...The acting is atrocious. There is a town full of people walking around in a zombie like state whistling some weird
    X-Files tune. Alien Disney Dwarfs it seems.

5...Marg Helgenberger: An experienced actress but in the series she looks horrid and her acting is horrible. I stated
    previously that the acting was atrocious but Marg Helgenberger is the worst. It is painfully obvious that she is
    just there to collect a pay check.

Those are my thoughts anyone else's differ.

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