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Subject: WANTED: CANDY WRAPPERS 1970s-80s (and other various food packaging) CASH PAID!!!

Written By: JONATHAN MANKUTA on 04/14/09 at 4:59 pm

Hi, I am a private collector of CANDY WRAPPERS and certain food packaging from the 1970s- early1980s. If anyone has ANY of the following items on my wantlist, please EMAIL ME at and let me know so I can make you a great cash offer (or some sort of trade if you prefer?).

***(Some of the rarer candy wrapper items are more desireable to me than others of the more common variety that are always on ebay, so while some items I'd pay "good" money for, there are a select few on my list i'd pay a LOT of money for...please contact me with what you have and lets talk...)


1. Wacky Wafers- (cello strip with a few candy discs
layed flat (about 5), and they had different fruit piece shapes on the top of the
disc...(like bananna on top of a yellow one)

2. Candy ring- it was a big ring (jewelery), but was
all edible, kind of same candy as the wacky wafers, kind of chalky, but
not powdery...usually was pastel color like pinkish...cello package-70s

3. Chocolate Snaps- Nabisco- `70s version small cookie box

4. Hostess pudding pie wrapper

5. Cheese Tid-Bits- small box- 1970s

6. Razzles - 70's - various

7. Various Hostess/ Drakes snack cakes/ fruit pies wrappers/boxes from mid- 1970s

8. Ice Cream pints (1970s-mid-80s)- Ben N Jerry's, Haagen Dazs, Frusen Gladje, Baskin Robbins

9. Tattooz gum

10. Pop Rocks/Space Dust/Cosmic Candy wrappers (Various flavors)

11. Chips Ahoy cookie bags- with the "Cookie Man" comic strip on the back of the bag...1970s

12. Tastykake  boxes - Choc. Cupcakes/Butterscotch Krumpets, etc  70's

13. Tootsie Pop Drops wrappers

14. Ovaltine jar/labels (Capt Midnight shaker and other premiums) Choc/Malt flavors

15. Fun Dip / Lick -m- aid- wrappers

16. Hubba Bubba, Bubblicious, Bubble Yum, bubble gum wrappers - (Strawberry, etc.)

17. Freshen Up gum - Spearmint, etc.

18. Dannon frozen yogurt bars box (chocolate covered-raspberry flavor, etc)

19. Wrapples (carmel apples)

20. Tart n Tinys box

21. Everlasting Gobstopper wrapper -clear cello wrapper with goofy faces on it (1970s)

22. Whistle Pop wrapper- colored cello wrapper, lolipop was shapped like a dog whistle (1970s)

23.Dunkin Donuts-box (1970s)

24.IHOP (International House of Pancakes)-stickers- "Liberty Pancake"(liberty bell parody)etc., 1970s

25. Burger King- 4 plastic "race cars" giveaway premiums-(various colors)cars were:
Burger King/Duke of Doubt/Sir Shake a lot/Burger Thing
Each came with a pull cord... 1970s

26. Burry`s cookies boxes- Gauchos/Fudgetown/Scooterpies (mid-`70s)

27. Mix n Eat Cream of Wheat- Banana flavor

28- Dinosour Egg candy (1980s)

29- Nerds Candy (1970s/80s)

30- Milk Mate chocolate syurp bottle

31- Tangy Taffy/ Laffy Taffy wrappers

32- Libbyland Frozen TV Dinners

33- Tangy Taffy wrapper

34- Scrumdiddliumptious bar wrapper

35- Oompas wrapper

36- Weaver frozen Fried Chicken (mid 70s-mid 80s)

37- MANY various 1970s chocolate/candy bar wrappers-
(such as the examples below...many others considered too!)
3 Musketeers
100,000 Bar
Almond Joy
Baby Ruth
Hershey chocolate bar
Hershey w Almonds
Mr Goodbar
Oh Henry
Bit-o-Cocoa (or Bit-o-Chocolate?)
Good n Fruity
Jujy Fruits
Chocolate babies
Tootsie Rolls (various flavors-Vanilla, Banana, etc)
Sweet Tarts
Marathon Bar

38- 1970s Doritos and Fritos chips bags

39- Dynamints-fruit Flavor/Tic Tacs Orange flavor (1970s)

40- Food Sticks (chocolate flavor)-late 70s-early 80s

41- Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink- Chocolate flavor (1970s)

42- Weight Watchers- Apple Snack or Fruit Snack  wrapper/pack (1970s)

43- Cream of Wheat- Banana flavor- box

44- 1970s Keebler cookie bags- Elfwitch, C.C. Biggs, Rich 'n' Chips

45- SOUR BITES candy wrapper

Subject: Re: WANTED: CANDY WRAPPERS 1970s-80s (and other various food packaging) CASH PAID!!!

Written By: mikebennington on 10/05/09 at 1:04 pm

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