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Subject: Korean Restaurants

Written By: Indy Gent on 04/07/15 at 5:47 pm

We have about 2 to 3 Korean restaurants just on our side of the city. And my mother was Korean and ate mostly at her friend's homes. She would occasionally eat out Korean, mostly at the all-Asian eateries. I eat at two of the most popular Korean restaurance, both which have the option of cooking on a indoor grill or fire. I guess my biggest complaint is the prices. But knowing most Asian foods imported to the States can be expensive, especially when buying from specialty Asian markets, I'm not too surprised.

Subject: Re: Korean Restaurants

Written By: KatanaChick on 04/08/15 at 1:10 am

There's one I've been to and love it! Bi Bim Bap in the stone bowl is my favorite. I'm also ballsy enough to eat the kimchi and never had the store bought kind that tasted right. The waiter was surprised I liked the stuff I think, because I kept finishing it and he kept bringing more. It came with the meal. They also do Sushi and a Chinese menu. I've had Bulgogi at a Chinese restaurant that names the dish something else.

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