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Subject: Why Would You Buy Something You Don't Know How To Use?

Written By: apollonia1986 on 11/11/16 at 6:29 pm

Hey Y'all,

I'm in a rather large cooking group on Facebook--over 100 thousand people--and I notice people doing this over and over and it gets all up under my skin People will go to the store, do their grocery runs and pick up an item they have no natural idea to use. And then they ask in the group for help, looking for someone to hold their hands about it
How I react to it. I mean if I see a product, appliance or foodstuff--today it was Blackberry Vinegar being asked about--and am curious how to use it, I WAIT, ask about it FIRST then if I see it's worth getting or get feedback for a use interesting to me, then I'll BUY it.
Because, what if you buy it and all the suggestions for how to use it are something you have no interest in? You're just out of x-amount of dollars.

Has anyone else encountered this? Primarily in cooking or anything else?

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