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Subject: Deja vue in reverse
Written By: bookmistress4ever on 01/30/07 at 11:23 pm

I know it's an awkward term - Deja Vu in reverse - but I don't know what the proper term for it would be...

Have any of you had any experiences where you drive past somewhere you haven't been before, and you get a recognition in your heart about this place, then later on - sometimes years later - you will end up spending alot of time in this place or have something significant happen there?  Its kind of like recognizing something that will happen in the future.

I've had several instances about this.

I met my first husband as a child in a restaurant.  At the time, he lived in Nashville, and I live in eastern Ohio.  My parents, grandmother and I went to this cafeteria-style restaurant where we almost never went to because my mom HATED their food.  But since it was my grandmother's birthday, that is where we went.  After the meal, they went to the ladies room and I stood outside in the lobby waiting for them.  In walked this cute kid that was a couple years younger then me, and for some reason...I REALLY noticed him and he noticed me.  We just stood there staring at each other until his mom yelled at him and pulled him into the line to go eat, and my mom pulled me out the door.  There was this little "skip" in my heart like....I don't know how to describe it.  I've never had that happen before or really since with another person.  20 years later after I had gotten married, we drove past this same restaurant and my then husband was telling me about this story of eating there as a kid....and having the same thing happen.  I knew then that it was him that I saw those many years before.
Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, so much for kismet, but it was an interesting feeling.

Another time, as a child, we'd drive past these houses that were way up on this hill above the road, I'd always make sure I looked for them on the ride if we were in the area.  Later, 16 years or so, I ended up babysitting for the two families that lived in those houses.  I know - coincidences happen, but this was always kinda weird for me to have happen.

Any stories you can share?