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Subject: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: tokjct on 05/16/07 at 2:16 am

It was the summer of 1953.  I was twelve and I was visiting my uncle, Jerry,  at his house in New City, Rockland County.  He had a cute little British Standard that I loved to ride around in when I went up to visit him.  We were driving down 9W where it runs along the west shore of the Hudson River. With the Palisades to our right and the river to our left, we follwed 9W through a cut in the cliff heading west bound.
It was late afternoon so we were driving into the sun.  As we came out from between the cliffs, my uncle and I both saw this disc shaped object in the sky in front to us.  Remember we were driving into the sun, yet the object glowed with a sort of translucent white glow.  It was coming toward as my uncle pulled over to the side of the road and we both started to get out of the car.  It was a sort of convertible with no side panels up at the time and just the canvas top over our heads.  As we got out, the object abruptly turned north and in a few seconds disappeared from our sight.  I shouldn't really call it a turn, since the object never changed speed but did a sharp 90degree movement.  I think we watched the object for about 20 to 30 seconds.  Needless to say, my uncle and I were turned into "Flying Saucer" buffs, and we got a hold of a book by a guy named George Adamski, called "Flying Saucers are Real" (I think.)

I have been interested in UFOs ever since and I've read a lot of books on the subject. ;)

peace...Lee (aka tokjct)

Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 05/16/07 at 11:23 am

that's an interesting story. I can't say that I've experienced such a thing...but I do believe there are other lifeforms of some sort out there somewhere.
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: tokjct on 05/16/07 at 1:18 pm

Without going into any discussion as to the full explanation of what these UFO's are, let me recount my second serious observation.

It was the summer of 1965 and I was stationed at Ft. Richardson just north of Anchorage, Alaska.  It was around 10 pm and I was relaxing on my cot in the barracks.  Adelson, one of my "cube-mates" came into our cube and went over to open a window to let in some fresh air. As he raised the window I saw him staring up into the sky..."What are you looking at, Dave?" I asked.  "What in the hell is that thing," he said pointing up into the dusky sky.  (It never really gets truly dark during the summer in Alaska...just like sunset...dusk...then sunrise at 2 am...)
I looked up into the sky where Dave pointed and there was this glowing disc about the size of a dime as I viewed it.  It was just sitting there in the sky, glowing away, stationary at about 11 O'Clock high altitude.  Dave and I called a few other guys who were around the barracks and we all watched for about 20 minutes.  Someone suggested turning on the radio to see if this was a news story.  Someone else suggested calling over to Elmendorf AFB to see if they were keeping track of this thing.

Suddenly the object began to move slowly towrad the horizon...and then it did a right angle turn and almost as fast as I can describe it...the object disappeared. 

Someone had turned on the radio and found one station that did mention the object in the sky.  No explanations were offered.  The next morning, in the local newspaper, there was a small mention of, what the AirForce at Elmendorf, called a stray weather balloon.
I don't think any of us, who witnessed this UFO, bought that story. 
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: whistledog on 05/22/07 at 12:35 am

Years ago, I saw what I still believe to be some sort of paranormal object.  It was late at night, and I was walking home when I see this big swirl of coloured lights levitating in the air.  I ran as fast as I could to get a closer look, but the lights flew into the park on the left, and completely vanished.  I never saw them again.  I don't know what I saw, but I do know that what I did see was not of this earth.  The way those lights moved and levitated like that ... it was just not possible
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: Haynsoul on 05/23/07 at 1:31 am

There was this bizarre story my mom told me a while ago. I think when she was in her teens (in the 60's/70's) and she went with her friends to hang out somewhere. She remembers seeing a cloud on top of a mountain nearby but they didn't really pay attention to it until it started moving. The cloud started going lower and lower down mountain very quickly towards their direction and that's when her and her friends panicked and drove off.
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: Badfinger-fan on 05/23/07 at 1:43 am

this is a cool thread. of course when I was a young kid, sleeping out in my friends backyard in the late 60's, any moving light in the sky was potentially a UFO.  I was probably about 21 in 1977 and my friend and I were cruising in his old pickup truck in Modesto, California when we both clearly saw an object with multi-colored, moving lights and it kind of freaked us out a bit, because #1 we were very high on grass, and #2 We'd watched Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind a few months before. So we gave chase and followed this thing for as many blocks as we could, and finally were able to identify it as a biplane with lights for a message/advertisement. I admit it was exciting when we thought we had something.
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: cin on 06/05/07 at 2:00 pm

Me too, me too!  It was late 1960's .  In my old neighborhood in Collinsville, VA, just over the top of a telphone pole.  Neighbors & us always sat out on our porches at night to cool off b4 bedtime.  That night, someone made a loud noise & pointed up & we ALL saw it!  About 5-10 of us saw it!  (I'm gonna bold the high points cuz this is pretty long).

Big, bigger than a schoolbus, gray colored, saucer shaped.  Hovering there, not moving AT ALL, SILENT .... 

It hd multi-colored, square windows all around the side that I saw.  I could swear I saw dark shapes outlined in the windows, like heads, but that could be my imagination.  And I think there was a band of lights near the bottom going around & around & around in their sequence.  Don't remember anything else.  Only thought about it once or twice a year when I was by myself & just figured it was some of blimp.

Until 1998.  I was at the old house, after Mama's funeral.  Sitting out on the porch reading a UFO paperback (I had been obsessed with UFOs for years).  My old neighborhood best friend walked up & said, "Whatcha reading,"  saw the title of my book & like a lightening bolt had hit us, our eyes got big, our mouths dropped open, we both said, "uuh,uuh, uuh,dah,duh...." then we both just pointed at the spot nodding our heads YES in unison!  Finally, we over the shock & able to talk.... "were you there?"  "did you see it too?"  "what was it?"  "what do you remember?" "  It was a wonderful feeling, like waking up from a nightmare & finding out someone else had the exact same dream & knew EXACTLY what you'd been through!  It was a great feeling.  Like confessing to some horrible crime that I'd been feeling guilty about--like a cloud lifted off my whole life.  And Confirmation!

Anyway, she remembered being right underneath the saucer & seeing the entire bottom was like a big circle with black & orange, molten-lava-like stuff going around & around.  Something was moving around in a circle thru it--like stirring it.  She thinks it was the power source or something.  She said when it left, it just shot up in an instant & was a pinprick in the night sky--no sound, no energy force or suction or vaccuum feeling or anything.  Just gone in an instant!Funny thing is, this was my best friend for like, 10 years after the incident & during our friendship we were the CLOSEST 2 best friends can be, & neither of us EVER mentioned it to the other or, for that matter, ever really thought about it.

It was 30-40 years afterwards that we happened to confirm what we each of us had, for years, thought was an hallucination! It was REAL!  YIKES!  It really made be rethink life, our planet, God & all that.  It's too much for me to comprehend anymore, but I KNOW they're out there! 

I saw another one in the late 70s, not so showy as the first one, ...won't go into the details right now, but thanks for starting this tread! It's nice to 'speak' of it without people thinking I'm bonkers! :-X
Subject: Re: UFO's I have seen.
Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 06/05/07 at 11:16 pm

wow...that is really freaky!!  :o