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Subject: The New Rock Music Revolution

Written By: jwsisliving1 on 04/08/04 at 03:26 a.m.

Music nowadays is changing for the better. There are a lot of new bands that are gaining attention, and for good reason. People are sicked and tired of bubblegum boy and girl groups and nu-metal crap. I feel the times are changing. The backlash against Britney, Avril, and Justin has been growing and now these no talents hacks are losing their hold of the charts and magazine headlines. If you have looked at a Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, or NME recently you must notice that new bands are getting the covers and the articles. The bubblegum pop craze hit its peak in the late, late nineties, and has been dying out over the last couple of years. Nsync and the Backstreet Boys are gone for good. Besides Linkin Park, Nu Metal has been breathing it's last breaths. I haven't heard anything about Eminem in a while.
For those of you who aren't ignorant and can keep up with the times, there is good music that is just starting to gain attention and major sales. The White Stripes started it. And then the Strokes followed. The Garage Rock Revival is a modern day take on the classic rock influences. These bands have done their homework. They don't copy, but not they're not afraid too wear their influences on their sleeves. And besides what group isn't influenced by other groups. Nothing is completely original. For an example, Nirvana was influenced by the Pixies, Black Flag, etc. Oasis was obviously influenced by the beatles. Getting back to the new Garage Rock Revival bands, when some of your influences range from and include AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, the Cure, etc, that is not a bad thing at all. If you want to hear really good music that will bring back your faith in Rock listen to: the Shins; the Stills; Hot Hot Heat; Jet; The Vines; The Hives; Kings of Leon; Badly Drawn Boy; At the Drive In; Soundtrack of Our Lives. There are many others, these are just a few of many. And you can't tell me Queens of The Stone Age are not one of the best bands to come out in quite a while. And if you love eighties music, you will love: Air; the Postal Service, among many others I'm too tired to think of at the moment.