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Written By: Joelle on 09/08/04 at 11:58 am

My first class was last night. It's called Ancient Books, and I LOVE IT! The teacher is great. If you tell him to please slow down, he will. And he's one of those profs that doesn't make you write down everything he says. He laughs a lot, and he likes the class as much as we do, even giving us little "extras" about the stories.

I could have stayed there all night...we were discussing Greek mythology, and that's my favorite stuff ever. But alas...he let us go home after only an hour or so. It was supposed to be 4 hrs. long, but since it was just the first day, I guess he didn't want to overwhelm the class, which is, except for 5 students or so, all Freshmen. It's not too big of a class either, considering what I thought it would be. There are only about 28 people.

I have French & English this evening. I'll let you know how they go.

Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: bj26 on 09/08/04 at 3:21 pm

Get involved with lots of fun activities, go to concerts, sports events, party a lot, but don't over do it. My favorite course was an environmental one where we took field trips, that was fun!

Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: RockandRollFan on 09/08/04 at 3:28 pm

I'm happy to hear that Joelle....enjoy ;)

Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: Tanya1976 on 09/08/04 at 3:30 pm

Enjoy it b/c it goes by so fast!


Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: Harmonica on 09/08/04 at 11:17 pm

I'm sorta in the same predicament.

I'm going to a Christian College in Orange City, Iowa called Northwestern. I love every single thing about this college. The classes although very tough are fun, fair, and have help if you do your part up the wazoo. It's a very God-Like Atmosphere, we got good kids up here.

Things I love about this College

A I had to make probably the toughest decision of my life by deciding not to wrestle in college, even though I'm no longer a wrestler I'm allowed to come to practices when and if I feel like it.

B The Girls! Hot girls everwhere! I'm bound to get one of them!

C Friendship, brotherhood, companionship, it's real up here all of it, very real

D Fun things to do almost all the time

E  I'm only into it 2 weeks but if you want to know more just give me a personal message or email or something.

Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: bj26 on 09/09/04 at 8:52 am

I think a lot has to do with your prof - doesn't matter if he/she is funny looking, nerdy, whatever - but if they are genuinely interested in the course and in you, you got a good chance at an ace.  I had a prof who came to class and bs'd about random topics and just said read the next 3 chapters.  The book by itself for me became vague and boring, needlesstosay, I didn't do as well in his class.  Suggest find something you like and do well in, then pursue it. That will help you develop discipline and is good practice for whichever way your path takes you. 

Subject: Re: I LOVE COLLEGE!

Written By: AngeliK on 09/09/04 at 9:13 am

:) I'm glad you're all enjoying the college life, it didn't work out for me (I dropped out) but its nice to see that not everyone is missing out on getting a good education.

The reason I dropped out isn't because I was lazy (or not much) but because The levels of favouratism in my group was overwhelming, its bad that half of us that were equally able to contribute rarely got a chance to, I have a feeling that the college system I was in did not have qualified tutors but people who were experts in the field that was being taught, and due to this some had a very shallow and opinionated view of the people contributing to the classes. What can I say, I wish I'd chosen another college and I'm sorry I've missed my chance...*shrugs* Anyway, good luck to everyone in college this year. May you all pass and have a fantastic time in the process.


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