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Subject: Favorite "Last Comic Standing" contestants?

Written By: Jared on 09/25/04 at 4:54 pm

Man, I LOVE Last Comic Standing!  just wondering who everybody particularly liked on the show, Seasons 1 & 2 combined and I'd like it if you oculd pick three favorites.

My three faves:

O Dat Phan- He's hilarious, I love how he riffs on his heritage, and let's face it, we need more Asian comedians (and no, I'm not Asian myself)

O Ralphie May-This guy is ghetto Boomhauer on speed & helium!  The guy is an absolute friend John put it best, "Ya know, if some guy hit him with a brick right now, he'd probably just keep going".  Well said, John.

O Jay London-This guy just can't seem to make the live audience laugh or the home audience vote for him, but the guy's comedy style is so unique...he's straightforward and zany att he same can you NOT love this guy?

My apologies for not picking any of the girls, but hey, these three guys just happen to outshine any of the female competitors.

Well, who are your top three?

Subject: Re: Favorite "Last Comic Standing" contestants?

Written By: Dagwood on 09/25/04 at 7:13 pm

I love Jay London.  He is one of the funniest I have seen.  I also like Gary Gulman, Alonzo Boden and Todd Glass.  The rest I can live without.

I have never liked Ralphie, something about him just rubs me the wrong way.  Not my style of comedy, I guess.

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