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Subject: Coach Tyrone Willingham Fired By Notre Dame AD

Written By: Indy Gent on 12/01/04 at 2:06 pm

Obviously a ploy to get Urban Meyer to return as coach, but blacks might suggest racist, which is in their right.

IU Coach Gary DiNardo was also fired.

Subject: Re: Coach Tyrone Willingham Fired By Notre Dame AD

Written By: LyricBoy on 12/01/04 at 2:51 pm

Bottom line is that Tyrone W did not deliver the goods for the past two years.  Which is bad because his first year, ND did great and he delivered big time.  But the ND program demands more than a 21-15 record over 3 years.

Willingham is very annoying if you ask me.  No matter what the subject, he talks with this "intensity" and "decisiveness" that makes me want to smack him.  Even when his team would get the cr@p beat out of it, he would be talking and professing so much that you would have thought they'd won.

He was doing these ads for a local Laser Eye Clinic and kept talking about how the laser treatment helped to "raise the level of my game so that I can see.  You need to have great sight to be a good football coach".  You would think that the laser clinic was God's gift to South Bend.

He ought to get a refund for the laser work.  It did not raise the level of his game very much, judging by the results on the field.

My only complaint about his firing is that they should have waited until AFTER the Insight Bowl game... let him go out at the complete end of the season instead of before the last game.  That was poor judgement by ND's muckity-mucks in my opinion, and it will only generate more negative publicity for the ND program when the bowl game is televised.

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