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Subject: Battle of the Avatars, Match 4: The King and Phillip! {Good story, Do Read!}

Written By: Apricot on 03/07/05 at 3:26 pm;id=319;type=avatar

Phillip of The Kingdom of Eno enters the arena! He is a sophisticated, classy, older gentleman, waiting patiently. The arrival of his opponent is awaited! For a long time, everyone waits. When from the crowd comes the unmistakeable voice of pimpinsteelersfan. Everyone cringes at this voice, but keep to themselves {Gotcha, Stephen!} ;D

"Yo, where King Mark at?" he shouts, breaking glass and making babies cry. Cows nearby fall over dead. He is about to call again, when from the opposite side of the arena, there is an explosion! King Mark enters in a cloud of smoke, whilst a pimpin' beat is playing to accompany his entrance.

"Glorious fanfares need not apply here, Mark! This is the field of battle!" Phillip of Eno shouts.
"Well, foreigner, we meet again." King Mark says.
"Uh... when did we meet before?" Phillip asks.
"Uh... Well.... Uh... I don't know. I guess I just said that for dramatic effect."
"Oh, uh, okay then."

This dialogue would continue further, but the author's hands grow tired  ;D. So everyone decides to begin the fight.

Mark and Phillip charge each other, meeting at the center of the field. There is a dead heat as both contenders stare each other in the eyes, attempting to parry the blade of the other. However, there is no avail for either side. The crowd is perfectly divided. Phillip appears to get a bit of a slant, starting to throw Mark's blade to the ground. However, Mark reverses this and begins to overtake Phillip. Phillip regains his advantage. Will this exchange never end? It appears as though these contenders are the most equally matched! What an exciting final Match of this round!

Well, it was until it went on for a few hours. Then a few more hours. Next thing you know, it was the next day. When all the sudden, something happened!

HOLY sheeshE! Karl Malone has entered the ring, and is about ready to bust some ass! However, what ass he intends to bust is unclear. Whoever he hits will be pure luck for the other. King Mark notices The charging Malone and quickly backs away from Phillip. Phillip believes himself to have won the dead heat, and prepares to strike. However, he has not noticed the athelete and is knocked off his feet. King Mark quickly runs in and goes for the kill.

King RockandRollFan: Winner!

Phillip of Eno:

Hope you all enjoyed! It's all good humor, you realize! You know I love you.  ;D

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