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Subject: The end of music as we know it

Written By: Johnny Vega on 03/30/05 at 12:03 am

Is it possible that America's musical tastes are mostly one-dimensional? Nowadays, there's a lot of diversity in the types of music that people listen to nowadays, but only two or three types of music receive the bulk of radio airplay. Rap and R&B have a stranglehold on the charts, but even a hardcore rap fanatic and aspiring MC, (why settle for DJing at a Bar Mitzvah when you can steal the show?), I've grown tired of the lack of diversity atop the Billboard charts and while I can't change the rankings, what makes rap so appealing to the common music "purchaser". I use the word "purchaser" because while there are many more music listeners, as in people who listen to the radio, only the people who buy music count in the Billboard rankings. In summation, these rankings don't accurately represent the musical tastes of America and until P2P downloads are counted in the rankings, (which will never happen because P2P can't be regulated and will have to be embraced by the record companies eventually), the rankings shouldn't be credited as factual. Rap is too commercial, the damage has been done, we need to take it back to the underground where we spoke the truth in the booth.

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